Thursday, July 10, 2014

Recently Discovered Jems - Trip Hop, Downtempo and Assorted Music Genres (July 2014)

Adham Shaikh - Water Prayer (Mat the Alien remix)

Andreya Triana - Lost where I belong (Banks mix)

Degiheugi - Un jour comme un autre

Twin Caverns - Undiscover

Dan-O - Rocketry

Keep Shelly in Athens - Running out of You

Honey Claws - Digital Animal

3D (Massive Attack) - Vermona (demo)

Floating Points - People's Potential

Si*Se - Buscare

Friday, September 24, 2010

Third Person Lurkin - The Nameless City (from Dusted Wax Kingdom net label)

Who said that free stuff are not excellent?

Check out this album of unexpected quality from the Bulgarian net label Dusted Wax Kingdom. (Very "Mo Wax"-ish name, I know).

English producer Tommy Marshall (a.k.a. Marshall Artist) ventured into trip hop and the result is very cool mixture of downtempo beats, familiar samples and a great genre aesthetic.

I am quickly loving the DJ Cam-ish, The Silver Key and The Ice Sheet which elegantly uses a sample from "Knowtoryus - The Revenge Of The Bomberclad Joint", yeap the one remixed by Kruder & Dorfmeister. And that is just because I need to listen to it some more...

To be honest, he won me from track 1 (Mountain Top Temples), which could easily feature in any Bonobo album!

I am sure it will win you too.

Get this great creative commons release before he signs with a big label!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Structural Biology Rap

Now I know what I can strive for!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 10 goals in Aris History

10:Αγαπητός Αμπελάς ολυμπιακός - ΑΡΗΣ 2004-05 2-1
9:Sergio Koke Αρης - Αστέρας Τρίπολης 2008-09 1-1
8:Marco Aurelio Αρης - Αστέρας Τρίπολης 2007-08 2-0
7:Γιώργος Κολτσίδας Αρης - πάοκ 2000-01 4-0
6:Μπουγιουκλης Hapoel Beer Sheva - Αρης 1993-94 1-2
5:Paolo Andrioli Servette - Aρης 1999-2000 0-2
4:Peral Javito Zaragoza - Αρης 2007-08 2-1
3:Γιώργος Σεμερτζίδης Perugia - Αρης 1978-79 0-3 (!!!)
2:Χρήστος Βελώνης Χαϊδάρι - Αρης 2005-06 1-2
1:Μανώλης Κεραμιδάς Αρης - πάοκ 1970-71 1-0

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Cutler: The new name from the "Pork Recordings" continuation

The Cutler is the electronica/downtempo collaboration of Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia's one half) & David ‘Porky’ Brennand (founder of legendary Pork Recordings).

Formed in 2006, their debut release came in 2007 on the electronica label Steel Tiger Records (based in Hull/Sheffield and established by Cobby with Sim Lister (member of Sheffield band Chakk and now, with Steve Cobby, is in The Heights of Abraham and J*S*T*A*R*S) with the single Stiletto.

The full length album Cutler was released on 7 July 2008 and is everything I've hoped for based on the band's credentials.

01 Scimitar (3:56) [vocals] - Sarah Johns
02 Stiletto (3:43)
03 Cinquedea (5:11)
04 Gladius (4:19)
05 Tyrfing (4:58)
06 Cleaver (4:38) [vocals] - Alex Crowfoot
07 Pickaxe (5:51)
08 Claymore (3:41)
09 Hacksaw (7:23)
10 Épée (8:58) [vocals] - Sarah Johns
11 Chandrahas (5:03)
12 Unagisaki Hocho (4:56)

Rob da Bank (BBC Radio 1) >>> "Beautiful! Lovin' The Cutler. Ace to hear some proper downtempo music being made again."

DJ Jazzy L (Jazzy Lounge, USA) >>> "A quality new product to showcase; after the pleasure of playlisting previous Cobby projects I am enjoying The Cutler on the Jazzy radio lounge!"

James Mountain (Ninja Tune) >>> "Lovely!"

Jean-Francois Fecteau (Le Vestibule, Canada) >>> "I always was a big fan of everything Steve Cobby has done and this is great! A pleasure for me to present it to my listeners!"

MmeFly (BeatConcious) >>> "Awesome Steel Tiger music!"

Daniel Pe acoba ( >>> "Super stuff! I like The Cutler a lot! Will start to play it today on daily radioshow 'La Captura Del Sonido'."

Ben Gomori (Data Transmission) >>> "Lush mellow grooves - after listening to the album, we can confirm that it's damn good. Really great summery pool music."

Ben Hogwood (musicOMH) >>> "The breezy approach The Cutler take to their music reflects well in a record that's a subtle delight, funky and airy for moments where you don't care much about anything."

Matt Annis (Editor iDJ) >>> "An eccentric musical adventure."